About Us
Five Star Oilfield Services specializes in providing remote sites with catering and cleaning services.  
Five Star can help you solve one of the most
challenging problems companies face when operating in remote parts of the world or in areas that lack sufficient accommodations for your personnel by delivering high quality catering, housekeeping, and rental equipment.
There's always something cooking at Five Star. We offer you a full menu of catering and support services to housekeeping, laundry, janitorial and equipment rental. Whatever your needs are we are sure to fulfill them with the highest quality employees, equipment and customer service. By outsourcing these services with us, our customers are free to focus on their core business.

Catering and Related Services
Five Star is dedicated to serving fresh, healthy, delicious food with a wide variety in menu selections.  We strive to always introduce new items to the menu and continue to offer the most popular choices frequently.  All of our employees are Serv Safe certified and CPR certified, and have their Alaska Food Handlers card. We can take care of all the ordering to save you time.  Five Star makes sure that food items are prepared in accordance with production requirements and quality standards while maintaining a safe and sanitary work enviroment.

We make it our goal to provided a safe well maintained camp or facility to ensure healthy living conditions.  We work hard so everyone has clean amd comfortable accommodations. It's our priority to have the highest quality of cleanliness and hospitality. We strive for perfection.

Rental Equipment
It's our job to provide any and every piece of equipment you will need to get your job done. We rent out Road Mats, Tank Farm Mats, Rig Mats, Light Plants, Generators, Air Comprssors, Welders, Trucks, Loaders, Crew Vans and more. Five Star Oilfield Services saves you money on all of your rental needs.  We are committed to our business partners and strive to provide the highest quality service.
All of our rentals are for unlimited hours.
Five Star Oilfield Services is the Valley Mats distributor for Alaska.
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